Top 10 Rules for Video Content Creation – From GTAR meeting


Here are some of the notes and links I will be presenting Wed. afternoon for the GTAR meeting (Greater Tampa Area Realtors).  The links below are from the presentation, the top 10 list was part of the discussion.

  1. Never use copyrighted music.  There is plenty of royalty free background tracks
  2. When in doubt, Get permission!  That includes Actors – see “Model Release”
  3. Try not to film other logos and copyrighted materials
  4. Lighting is paramount, up there with audio – Keeps lights behind you
  5. Prepare your shots in advance, know what you’re going to look at next
  6. 1 point of contact is better than none, 2 is better than 1, etc.  TRIPODS!
  7. Don’t use cheesy transitions, fade up from black is good enough for HOLLYWOOD!
  8. Make a script in advance, get ...
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Welcome to the NEW IPN Studios!

Standby while we transfer data and shows to our new home!  We’re excited to report we’ll be broadcasting LIVE again in 2014!

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